Reasons why you should choose the Roelhoeve?

·         Lots of care and attention: this is the most important thing your dog needs

·         Several dog runs
·         After consultation, the dogs can play together or they can be let out individually.
·         Heated kennels
·         Nicely warm in winter and cool in summer
·         Spacious, cleaned kennels.
·         Always clean and hygienic.
·         Constant supervision
·         In direct contact with a veterinarian in case of emergency.
·         Professional caretaking.
·         Not a lot of dogs in one building, this eases the stress level  
·         Experience
·         We’ve been running our dog pension since 2005 with the greatest deal of care.  Hundreds of dogs, big and small, have already  stayed                 with us for a short or longer period of time.